Client Story

I had been in business for eight years with very little revenue because I couldn’t bid for jobs directly from major Clients. I employed the service of OOB and the Managing Partner pointed out the main cause of the problem which was regular denial of TCC ( Tax Clearance Certificate) as a result of poorly prepared Tax Returns and this greatly affected marketing to major Clients as this was a prerequisite to partner with our company.. This was rectified and updated¬† with FIRS (Federal Inland Revenue Service) and TCC procurement became a regular outcome.

Although, TCC took some months to achieve in the first year with OOB but back to back in subsequent years.

Today, the story is different, we have been able to sign up a new Client and this greatly increased our revenue by over 200%. We now bid for jobs directly and subcontract to others when necessary.

We are thankful to OOB for this HUGE SUCCESS!

Mrs. Oluwadare

CEO, Detailed Restorers Ltd (Cleaning and Janitorial Services)